Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Most Transit Authorities Start in the Wrong Place When Implementing eBus Fleets

Municipalities and transit authorities are often under-the-gun to implement their low/no emissions electric bus mandates, so they frequently begin by selecting a bus vendor, while putting technology and infrastructure on the back burner. After all, the bus is the thing the public will see. But the risk is that if you choose the wrong technology or don’t get the energy and infrastructure components right, the project could end up with cost overruns of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars down the road on your eBus journey. But what if you could secure the future of your project by getting all of the moving parts working together in the most efficient way possible?

Energy and Infrastructure Experience You Can Rely On

At Mortenson, we’ve been helping municipalities and transit authorities navigate the complex decisions around powering their electric fleets, working with eBus vendors and utilities, leveraging our experience building some of America's largest transportation hubs and high voltage infrastructures. When you are building a clean future, you want the right solutions.


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eBus Infrastucture

A Mortenson and Xcel Energy
Webinar Series
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eBus Optimization

A Mortenson and Xcel Energy
Webinar Series
- part 3 of 3