Heavy Civil

Uniquely positioned for heavy civil

    •    Mass grading     
    •    Fine grading using latest GPS technology    
    •    Road and parking lot construction    
    •    Excavation and backfill for foundations
    •    Underground utilities    
    •    Erosion and sediment control
    •    Turf establishment and site restoration


Since Mortenson Civil's inception in 2011, the group has been at the forefront of applying technology to maximize civil construction efficiency.   In cooperation with Mortenson's VDC Group, the latest computer modeling and GPS technology is used to tackle the most challenging issues in the field.

Delivery Methods

Our business model is based on delivering outstanding project results with a zero injury safety culture.  Mortenson has gained the knowledge and expertise to self-perform all aspects of the grading and site work components of 20 major construction projects with sales exceeding $93 million in 2013.