Woodward Lincoln Campus Manufacturing

They never said, 'We can’t do that' or 'That is impossible.' They were very open minded about how to solve problems.

Steve Stiesmeyer, Director of Real Estate, Woodward, Inc.
Food Processing Company Acquires California Money Pits

High Energy Costs in Manufacturing

CA facility analysis showed the path forward for reducing OpEx

Northern Stacks

Rise of the Urban Warehouse

Insight on Northern Stacks and the benefits of an urban location

Jennifer Ray, Woodward Inc.

Partnering and Project Success at Woodward

Woodward Lincon Campus

Woodward Lincoln Campus

Transformation of 101-acre golf course into new corporate headquarters and manufacturing campus in Colorado

Prevented 300% Cost Overrun for Components Manufacturer

Components Manufacturer

Assessment findings protected their capital plan from 300% overrun

Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Facility for Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Mortenson partners with Crown Iron Works on facilities to meet production + research needs


From semiconductors and computer chips to medical systems, test facilities, industrial distribution, and state-of-the art manufacturing plants, we understand that each and every facility has specific needs beyond the ordinary. Our technical and construction expertise allows us to effectively meet the demands of your next manufacturing or warehouse facility. 

As your business partner, understanding your end product is what drives our results—we maintain a sharp focus on time-to-market for our customers, and we are very sensitive to the potential initial and operational costs associated with these facility types. Our approach is based on determining and rationalizing project requirements and developing cost-effective solutions that provide the needed performance, maintainability, and expendability. Further, we understand every product and process has unique environmental requirements, so we become familiar with your processes long before we start design and construction.