Washington DC

team results

Set on a greenfield site, the Martha Jefferson Hospital was designed by Kahler Slater Architects with enormous involvement from the owner who formed 35 design committees to review all aspects of the project from patient and family experience to operating rooms, medical equipment and information technology. Committees included not only doctors, nurses and administrators but community members and former patients. The 84-acre site includes elevation changes of more than 100 feet, which presented many exciting challenges for the project team. To accommodate the site, the hospital was designed to be constructed into the side of a hill to retain its presence while reducing its visibility from afar. This was important because the building is visible from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, a national landmark. 

The 520,000 SF hospital houses 176 private beds with the tallest point of the building being five stories. Within the new facility is 6,048 SF and two procedure rooms dedicated to Cardiac Care. The facility also includes 11,640 SF of CATH/VIR spaces with two CATH rooms and three VIR rooms. Throughout the entire hospital, state-of-the-art data storage/processing infrastructure allows the hospital to adopt electronic medical record keeping.  The use of Virtual Design Construction and Building Information Modeling was used during design and fully integrated into the construction process. Some specific examples of how BIM provided value to this project include interior virtual mockups for complex procedure rooms; detailed exterior, enclosure system mock-up modeling and coordination; and 4D scheduling and sequencing for structural and enclosure systems. The project is LEED Certified and also includes a 5-story, pre-cast 756-stall parking structure.


America’s Most Beautiful Hospital - Soliant Health, 2012